Three major parks/ Industrial Agglomeration

    三大园区      产业聚集 


    The Modern Pharmaceutical Industry Park 


   The park is located in Panshi economic development zone, planning area of 4 square kilometers, with a pharmaceutical production area, pharmaceutical packaging, medical equipment area, comprehensive service area four functional areas. It is existing pharmaceutical production enterprise 10 households. It can realize annual output value of 16 billion yuan. Park is relying on the existing industrial base and resources, geographical advantages. It focus on the introduction of new biotech drugs and preparations, small molecule drugs, medical equipment, modern Chinese medicine, biotechnology, food and health products production project, strive to  ‘the Twelfth Five-year Program’ end the park ecology, intensive, professional production base of northeast New medicine.



     The New Material Industrial Park 


     The park is located in the economic development zone, Ming City, the planning area of 3.88 square kilometers. It is existed new materials production enterprises 12 households, can realize annual output value of 5 billion yuan. The park relies on Jilin Henglian precision casting technology limited company with an annual output of 1.2 million tons casting with high quality hot metal and non-metallic mineral resources, focus on the introduction of steel casting and forging processing, auto parts, special high quality materials and new decorative material production project, and strive in the ‘ the Twelfth Five-year Program’ built at the end of the FAW Group fine casting base and northeast of well-known new material industrial park.



     The Non-ferrous High-tech Industrial Park 


     The park is located in Panshi City of Hong Qi Ling town, the planning area of 10.6 square kilometers. It mainly rely on the Jilin horoc Nonferrous Metals Group, focus on the introduction of non-ferrous metal powder metallurgical materials, battery materials and nickel, cobalt, copper and other high end of deep processing project. At present, the region has been planning the construction of 7 projects, a total investment of 10 billion yuan; it is strive to build the country well-known non-ferrous high-tech industrial park to end of the Twelfth Five-year Program.